10 December 2008

tag lg dr qira..

10 December 2008 2
1. Do you think you are hot ?
hot?i don think so..hohoohoh

2. Upload your favourite picture of you.
sunway lagoon

3. Why do you like that picture ?
walapun aku seorg yg gayat tp berjaya gak merentasi jambatan tu...

4. When was the last time you ate pizza ?
2 mggu lps kot..

5. The last song you listen to ?
mimpi yg mati by bliz @ my blog

6. What are you doing right now besides this ?
bls komen kat myspace

7. What name would you prefer besides yours ?
IN..sbb...hny aku yg tau...hahahha

5 people to TAG
1) my twin
2) fazrin
3) adik jaja
4) cha
5) deskcom

8. Who is number one ?
my twin

9. Number three is having a relationship with ?
ntah la xpenah tny..hehhehe

10. Say something about number five ?
member kat forum KITA dulu..

11. How about number four ?
member lama kwn klas aku..dah lama chat br tau...hehehhe

12. Who is number two ?
like photografi

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